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Philip Larsen goes end to end in KHL game to score crazy goal leading to the opposing goalie pulling himself

numb3r 16

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I was following this game on twitter. So crazy! I think the final score was 11-3, in favor of Salavat Yulaev.


I feel bad for the goalie, this was I think the 6th one he let in overall and maybe second of the period. Can't believe his coach even sent him out for period two to begin with, although the final score indicates the back up wasn't much better. 


Congrats to Phil though! :towel:

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20 minutes ago, luckylager said:

Just goes to show how insanely good at hockey you have to be to actually make it in the NHL.

Or it could also show how clogged up the smaller ice surface and structured coaching it is for the NHL too.

Not saying Larsen was good in his short stint in the NHL.

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59 minutes ago, Stamkos said:

And he didn't do this for us because?...

NHL is way too physical and played on a smaller surface. He won't be able to pull that $hit off without risking a hard hit.

And the opponents are better.

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