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Mafia: Switch

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Just now, Stamkos said:

You know what, screw it. 


Im the twin blade. I only get one power and that's to take someone I feel is mafia down, but I die as well. It's a TP role if anyone doesn't know

Damn it lol 
I literally just switched my switch off you!

Now it's too late. In the last minutes I changed it from Blue jay to you, and it ended on DM


I think I could've given you a better power

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Just now, Blue Jay 22 said:

People who have claimed TP roles: BJ, Hashtag, J23, AV, Stamkos.


That's 5. So either everyone else is not TP, or at least 1 person is lying.

That would leave us with DM, TL and 112. 


DM and TL would be a good team to focus on, with 112 being 3p. Thos actually wouldn't surprise me. 


We'll see what happens after nightfall though

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Just now, J-23 said:

I got the switcher role this round btw..I was role blocker and chose # IN 1ST ROUND.

Wait a minute, hashtag claimed switcher as a tp role then, and role claim is more of a mafia role isn't it? 



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