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Mafia: Switch

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Here's a quote from mafiascum.net that I found a while back:


"Mafia is a game of three games - the first game being working out who is bad by analysing their behaviour to deduce their motives, the second game being working out what information you have on which to determine people's actions and logical deduction based on that, and the third game being working out what game you're playing in the first place. Predictable setups severely undermine the third game."


I think we're playing the 3rd game :mellow:

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1 hour ago, Time Lord said:

Oh I'm still alive


I was busy yesterday evening and just saw the notification and assumed it was for the DPS but it was actually just Zfetch mentioning me in the thread


Anyways I'm the tracker. Tracked Hashtag in round 1 and she visited BJ. She ended up revealing it herself but this is where I started to seriously consider that Hashtag could be mafia trying to kill BJ who saved himself. Last round I tracked AV to confirm his story but we know how that ended.


And I have a theory about what Zfetch said about a new force rising. If all the role-claims are legit, there may only be 1 mafia. In that case, the predominant threat to the TP would be the Other faction. I think that AV's death activated a win condition for the current switchers, who are now a 3P. The reason they couldn't have been a faction from the start is that there would've been too many, I think.


I don't expect this to gain any traction but at least I can say I told you so at the end of the game if I'm right

So like siblings/lovers?



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The town gathered around and was angry at 112. "She's too vanilla", the town yelled.


She was hung an innocent townsperson. 


The mafia didn't like Hashtag. From the smell of her ear to the dirt in her toe. She was gone in a snap.


A dead player society is formed




AV (Switcher [4] TP)

112 (Vanilla Town TP)

#(Switcher [2] TP)


This upcoming round can be a lylo.

Beware the switch!

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