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Mafia: Switch

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The Switcher Role:

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The switcher role is mafia role introduced first in Mafia:Switch hosted by Zfetch.

A switcher is an advanced townie who is assigned a unique number to their role. E.g:Switcher[2],Switcher[8]
The number affiliated with the switcher role is important to how much switching power the player has. The larger the number. the more power.

Before a switch game, the host must carve out a predetermined path for each role route.
A switcher advances their selected player's role path by one stage if they have enough power.

For example, a roleblocker to start the game may require a predetermined 6 Switcher Points/Power to advance to the next role available to them.
Only a switcher[6] or greater can do that.
Likewise, some roles can branch on to 2 different paths. 
A player who is a doctor may be able to branch off into either a regular townie or a sheriff for instance.
They may require 2 switcher points(SP) to advance to a townie and 4 SP to advance to a sheriff.
This gives use to a lower powered switcher who can be detrimental to the town, yet subsequently helpful if they add enough power to a player and give them a better role.
If conditions for both paths are met, the role that requires the larger amount of paths will be given to the user.

A switcher can also be switched to another role by other switchers. They can be switched to such roles as 3rd party or redirected to take the same path of an already existing townie.

The mafia can gain roles with switcher use. Such as roleblocker and godfather.

In action:

In night one, both switcher[2](HN) and switcher[4](AV) decided to use their night switching power on the doctor(BJ).
The roleblocker(J23) blocked switcher[2]. BJ only required 4 SP to become a judge, and so he did. Leading switcher[2] to think they switched BJ's role.
That same night, switcher[8](DM) swapped the roleblocker. They had a path where 2 SP makes them a vanilla townie and 4 SP makes them a switcher[6].
The roleblocker effectively became a switcher.

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-The number in the yellow is the minimum amount of SP required to advance to the role displayed. Higher SP roles take precedence.
-The mafia kill did not go through night one. They needed 8SP for that. Instead it defaulted to night two.
-The mafia SP is added over infinite rounds. Non-mafia must obtain all required SP in one night.
-There could have been up to 3 cult members. The way the SP was structured was to keep the cult as fairly powered as possible. They had highest order as a a faction.
-I kind of messed up at the very bottom of the doctor/BJ's role path. The last vanilla and sheriff should have been swapped around but once the game started it was too late.
-I'm disappointed the Nexus role wasn't used.
-I'm not really disappointed that the Nexus role wasn't used.
-Shame that 112 was the only one who was a regular TP in the game.

This setup:
-keeps the mafia at a fair chance with no pming, 1/4 share of people, confusing setup
-keeps the TP at a fair chance. They also have the ability to sweep in a small game due to the night one MK clause.
-occasionally can activate the cult. Also nice and good.

From now on if any of your friends ask how to make a role madness game that has a good balance of relying on skill and luck paired with an even chance for each faction...tell your friends to play a Switch variant!

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