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Ron Hextall on the state of the Flyers (Canucks related)


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15 hours ago, Canuck Surfer said:

Some guys have generational talent. Or a notch below it, like, say Pastrnak, Nylander may be like that? And have absolutely dynamic agility and skills the average NH:'er does not. Importantly, they also stepped right in & could think the game at the higher speed as it takes place in the NHL.  That is rare!


I dont think, barring the generational players, certainly not the step below, look at the step back Larkin took in year two, that you can accurately predict which guys will kill it in draft plus one or draft plus two years?


You certainly cannot draft, sy 6th or 5th overall, and guarantee a guy will work right away.

I agree with you Surfer

I guess it is my definition of development

To me development is 3 or 4 years in the minors

Guys that make it in the first or second year, not so much

I would say it is an age thing too

I certainly agree with developing players, but a lot of 1st and 2nds don't need to develop their skill.....but their size, and maturity.....to me, that is not my definition of development

Development to me is where you have a lesser skilled guy and teach him zone play, defensive play, one on one play, and because of that, becomes a 3 or 4th line player

They seldom become 1st or 2nd line players.........they do, but not at the same regularity as 1st and 2nd rounder's

Because you don't teach skill or size

But It's subjective

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