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Top 30 Current NHL Players - #18

Top 30 Current NHL Players   

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  1. 1. Who would you rank as the #18 player currently in the NHL?

    • Patrice Bergeron (F)
    • Ryan Getzlaf (F)
    • Brad Marchand (F)
    • Auston Matthews (F)
    • Mark Scheifele (F)
    • Tyler Seguin (F)
    • Roman Josi (D)
    • Kris Letang (D)
    • Sergei Bobrovsky (G)
    • Braden Holtby (G)

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Welcome to the 'Top 30' series! We will select the top 30 players that are currently in the NHL.


How this works is, you vote for the player that you would rank #18 based on their recent accomplishments and likely potential next year.


Congratulations to Nicklas Backstrom on being ranked as the #17 current NHL player!


Ryan Getzlaf had the most nominations, so he was added to the list.


Please remember to nominate a current NHL player to be added to the voting list by posting below.


The List:


#1 - Sidney Crosby (F)

#2 - Connor McDavid (F)

#3 - Erik Karlsson (D)

#4 - Patrick Kane (F)

#5 - Evgeni Malkin (F)

#6 - Carey Price (G)

#7 - Victor Hedman (D)

#8 - Alex Ovechkin (F)

#9 - Brent Burns (D)

#10 - Steven Stamkos (F)


#11 - John Tavares (F)

#12 - Nikita Kucherov (F)

#13 - Drew Doughty (D)

#14 - Vladimir Tarasenko (F)

#15 - Jamie Benn (F)

#16 - Jonathan Toews (F)

#17 - Nicklas Backstrom (F)

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48 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

Voting Bobrovsky.


Nominating Pavelski. Feels like he's slipped under many people's radar.

I've felt for a number of years now that Pavelski is underrated. He can score and he's actually extremely sound defensively as well. A few years back (I think maybe 2 or 3 years ago), I did some analysis and chose him as my pick for the Selke trophy. He's not at that level as of last year anymore, which is the only reason I haven't nominated him yet. Still, I'm glad to see him getting some recognition.

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