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Pat Lafontaine: There is consensus to move to a 19 year old draft


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1 hour ago, Tre Mac said:

Wouldn't the opposite happen?  You are now scouting a player that's another year older and stronger than majority of the competition he'll face.  The Dane Foxes of the hockey world would go higher than before, which means a lot more draft busts making it more of a crapshoot. 


That's just my take, I like the rules they way they are.  If anything, they need to get rid of the rule about CHL players going to the AHL.  The CHL has to face the music of either paying these kids to play for them or allow them to bolt for development leagues a year earlier. 

Plausibly, but I'd think scouts would adjust their expectations for the age difference. I just feel that at 18, a lot of players aren't very physically developed and we'd get more of an accurate physical picture at 19 than at 18.

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On 2017-09-09 at 2:45 PM, Jimmy McGill said:

I'd prefer that they allow some 18 year olds from the CHL to play in the AHL vs. move the entire age up. It will make tanking on purpose in the NHL more common as well since teams will have much better ideas of the quality of  the top players. 


oh i like this idea! Perhaps make the NHL 19 years +. If you draft an 18 year old, their either need to go back to junior or get assigned to AHL. 

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