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[Discussion] Would You Take This Today..Yes/No???

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If the Hockey Gawds offered this up today..would you accept it? Non-negotiable..must accept all points:


- Canucks finish 29th OA(ensuring good shot at lotto). Hung in(close to wildcard), but finally in Feb injuries wore us down(similar to 2 of Willie's yrs)

- 450+ man games lost to injury!!! Nothing of the brutal sort..worst injuries costing guys 6~8 wks(complete recovery in all cases)

- All NHL skaters on team play to their expected level. No one really regresses. Just too many injuries. Rodin, McEneny & Boeser stick, performing admirably all yr.

- Utica advances to Finals(but lose in 7). Virt has a great season..almost PPG pace. Also 15 very good games with big team(they need him for Utica PO's though)

- We trade Tanev(2018 1st & 2 good prospects); Edler(2019 1st & good prospect); Granlund & 3rd for 2018 1st; 2 of our new FA's for a 2nd & 3rd. Deals between Dec~Feb...


we accumulate:

2018: 2 extra 1st's

2019: extra 1st & 2nd R picks

+ 3 more good(v young) prospects


************************************: ALL CDN FINAL! ************************************


Edm & Ott(to Bettman's chagrin) for all the marbles.

Semis were Edm vs Winn, & Ott vs MTL(again, driving Bettman to drink; unlikely 5 teams make it from Atlantic)


Would you accept this today..Yes or No?

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Not sure what's in it for the Canucks to either accept or reject this... Just to be clear, we finish 29th OA but not necessarily win the lottery and Utica doesn't win championship... It seems like the only benefit there is for the Canucks is the accumulation of the picks at the cost of Tanev, Edler, and Granlund and that Virtanen has a good season? If we give up good assets for draft picks, I would say that is fair. And I think Virtanen has good chance to do well at least in the AHL this season anyways. We don't need to make a deal with the hockey god for the benefits offered...


The cost is that we get to see Edmonton vs Ottawa finals, no player exceeds expectation, and lots of players get injured? Lol. I don't care if we see Edmonton vs Ottawa finals so I don't mind tat but I don't like that no player exceed expectation and that many players get injured. And in exchange, we get draft picks for Tanev + Edler + Granlund, 29th OA, and one good season from Virtanen? We are probably going to finish 29th OA anyways, and Virtanen has good chance to at having good season in the AHL too and getting good draft picks for those players can happen if the Canucks wanted even if they don't take this deal. Basically, the deal feels like, "you give me $100 dollars, in exchange, I give you nothing in return"...? 


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2 hours ago, khay said:

Not sure what's in it for the Canucks to either accept or reject this... Just to be clear, we finish 29th OA but not necessarily win the lottery

- 3 extra 1st's & 1 2nd(2018 & '19), so far

- 3 more good prospects too

- Probably $ 25~30,000,000 cap space next summer(go after Tavares or Kane, perhaps?)

- Confident youth from a nice AHL run


& FINALLY a Cdn champ, to break Bettman's curse.

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For those draft picks AND Boeser, Virtanen and Rodin having the good years you mentioned, getting  something good for Edler and Tanev and Granlund...why wouldnt we take this?  Rather finish around 29 than 21 anyways just for the better odds for one more year. 

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