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Wait a minute....


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Wait a minute, I thought we were supposed to be last in the league, get blown out in games like playing Kopitar and the Kings? Like WTF?  Could the media and lots in the CDC actually be wrong? 


Could this team go for a playoff spot? Sure it was pre-season but if we were as bad as people say then we'd have lost 4/5/6 to zero last night, well that's why their wrong. if we miss the playoffs then I bet it'd be by under 10 points at the end. However imo we do squeak in but not past the first or second round. 


Why?  well for 1, as in last night, Boeser, and he's still improving and not to his full potential.. (looking forward to seeing that) and the rest of the new signings and talented young guns fighting over roster spots finally getting the depth we need so if injuries happen or players just aren't putting in consistant effort they can be replaced and with that firmly in your mind I can't see why you'd do that but now competition says you slack off your done and that's why Travis is here to help that along. Even though he doesn't have experience as long as he helps keep the kids developing and the vets on their toes because of it then this will be a very entertaining team to watch and follow for years to come.






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