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Here's another one: Jordan Subban's detractors, who continually bend over backwards to list the many ways he'll never make it as a defenceman at the NHL level, have apparently never actually watched Ben Hutton play the position. Either that, or, for some reason have decided that HE - not Subban - gets a pass. 

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13 hours ago, smokes said:

No because the anthem is tradition. Just because this current generation doesn't like it doesn't mean it's wrong. It's that this generation are too much into twisting tradition to further thier opinions. 

"Tradition" that began during a time of war, I believe. But, it serves zero purpose NOW, and has absolutely nothing to do with the actual game that follows it. As I've said at this site long before today, it has its place: the Olympics, Gay Games, Commonwealth Games, Special Olympics, Parapalegic Games, Invictus Games. You see where I'm going with this. But, is it REALLY necessary at a sporting event featuring Vancouver vs. Calgary? Toronto vs. Houston? Seattle vs. Cleveland? 

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