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Auction Draft Keeper League


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Just want to see if there would be interest if I started a Auction draft keeper league. Don't want to make up set rules yet cuz I would want input from people on here if they were interested in joining.


-It would be run on ESPN or Yahoo, I prefer ESPN, but I know more people like Yahoo


-It would be either H2H or Rotisserie


-Categories would be up for debate


-We would have a $500 budget


-Each year your players salary would go up $2 or $5




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-Would probably be something like start 8-4-1 and 5 or 6 bench spots with a couple IR spots 


-it would be 3-5 keepers at the end of the year


-during the season you can be over the $500 budget. 


-just at draft you cannot go over the $500 budget. 


-thinking categories would be: goals, assists, PPP, +/-, pims, hits, blocks, Wins, GAA, Save %. 


Of course willing to change, add or take away any of those. 

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