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45 minutes ago, greensman said:

i think you can bank on a trade and a bad reputation for a while. 


if ottawa`s really upset, he could be headed to somewhere mean.

LMAO .. i was like "what did Dak Prescott Do anyways?" then my critical thinking skills kicked in and I was all "Ohhhhh Hoffman, he means Hoffman."

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5 minutes ago, Primal Optimist said:

LMAO .. i was like "what did Dak Prescott Do anyways?" then my critical thinking skills kicked in and I was all "Ohhhhh Hoffman, he means Hoffman."


i dont understand that he supports such a ugly person like this woman ...and i mean ugly in all ways 

well its his girlfriend  but she looks like ready for a miss botox competiton  ...and well her ugly mind as well 

how can a man be so blind ???  i dont want to know how much $$$$$ he paid for this face  ...lol 



im sorry mike .... but thats just terrible treating a teammate like Sh$t


Bildergebnis für mike hoffman s girlfriend

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1 minute ago, canuck2xtreme said:

That's the first thing I thought of when I saw her photo..  dude wtf is Hoffman thinking....


Be a bro Mike. Dump her sorry a**

yes sir  ..i d also kick her bu** out .


she looks like a person  that wants more and more ...and if mike cant make her pleasant anymore ...she will say good bye mr. hoffman 

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6 minutes ago, Monty said:

That’s a cruel thing to ask of someone to think of.

My brother married a woman very much like what you see above. Ex model, ex pop singer, was on Dragon’s Den a few years ago. They’re divorcing now, after 9 years of marriage and 3 kids.


She’s exactly as you’d expect someone who spends 2 hours a day on her makeup to be. Narcissistic. Vapid. Mean. Treats her children as accessories. All around awful person.

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leave my sister in law out of this. 


she made her first husband propose to her with a ring she bought herself with his credit card. she maxed it out and added dollar bills to the deal on top of that when she got it...then told him she intended on being pregnant at the wedding, which they succeeded in barely, haha....and then at her insistance they bought high and sold for a small loss to upgrade to a 'bigger house' for the family and she picked a smaller house on a hillside, bigger yard, 45 mins away from where they both worked and lived prior to that: so i guess she was a millionaire diva on a dollar store budget, haha.....and eventually cheated on him with a lot of younger hotter guys and left him. She now wants 200 invited friends and family to pay 5k each pair to go to her destination wedding in some tropical island next spring and we are all uhhhm no. I have a better use for 5k, also your barely making mortgage payments..and owe 70k in unsecured debt...what are you thinking? 


Anyways...i will probably be on the hook for 5k and a week on a sandy beach that I have never been interested in for 45 years thus far in my life. grrr. lol...at least its all inclusive and I hear you can get lucky if you hang out at the bar long enough. Maybe Mike Hoffman's gf will be there at that time and looking for a chubby revenge one night stand?? lol


OH man i forgot when they separated she was arguing with him on the phone while I strapped her kid into his carseat: sounded like they were fighting over custody but nope that would be too much to ask of a vapid self absorbed plastic surgery victim...they were fighting over who got stuck with the kid. sigh. 

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11 hours ago, canuck2xtreme said:

TRADE: The Colorado Avalanche have made a trade with the Dallas Stars.

small.png Jason Robertson

small.png Sean Day
small.png Noah Gregor
small.png Jalen Chatfield

Thanks to @aGENT for the negotiations, and good luck to J.R. going home to his namesake. He paid a premium for the player, but gets his guy.


Happy to add these three young men to our organization, as the Dallas Stars continue to build out their farm system.


Even more changes are expected.

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