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[Mafia] Where and What Again? A Hobo’s Tale by One one two (Game Over; Mafia Win)

Master 112

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    Welcome to Where and What Again? A Hobo’s Tale by One one two. This game is all about parapsychic abilities and wacky phenomena, the philosophical tradition of the German Idealists, Joycean aesthetics and the dream world represented by Finnegans Wake, real hip hop, spiritual journeys and awakenings, astrophysics and otherwise cool spacey-sciency stuff, time as a nonlinear concept, Jungian psychology, love, and airships. There will be two factions competing for victory: the noble townspeople and the dastardly mafia. This game was modeled after Master Radishes’s recent games ‘Confederation’ and ‘Revolution.’ All stories and roles were written with similarly high standards of historical accuracy. This will be a ‘role madness’ game.


Rules: http://cdcmafia.wikia.com/wiki/CDC_Mafia_Rulebook#CDC_Mafia_Rulebook



    Neurorelic, engineered by the aristocrat and esteemed man of science Humphrey W. Millows, was a world-class air vehicle. She was the biggest ship with the biggest guns—the fastest to ever sail the skies. The ship’s conception and construction was commissioned by the Canadian government in an attempt to modernize its air force following the catastrophic events at Abuja in September of the year 1991, where—it hardly need be stated; few have forgotten the casualties nor the terror of that day—they lost in the matter of two short—perhaps long?—hours a number of four aircraft and five score servicemen to the Uzbekistanian fleet that met them in the skies betwixt that callous earth and bloodred sun.
    —Tell me, ‘Kip,’ have you heard of the Aether? questioned Minister Seizman, not rudely.
    —The… Aether? Yes… I’ve heard... It’s hardly scientific.
    —Likewise mathematics. But,—ah,—I’m not vying for a debate, Mr. McGalley. What do you know of it?
    —Admittedly little. All I know is it traces back to the Greeks, like with everything. Anaximander? menes? I studied little pertaining to Hellenistics in school: mostly mathematics, engineering, some military history...
    —Yes, they were some of the first to perform any serious study of the Aether, although other cultures, thinkers, had similar concepts. The alchemists took it up later. But I don’t use the term in the same way Plato or Socrates would have. Newton, for one, thought the brain to have psychic abilities to affect the Aether. You may have heard of telekinesis. Indeed, it is possible to move things with one’s will alone. Psychokinesis, clairvoyance, other extraordinary feats of the mind and soul- all possible.
    —Minister, with all due respect...
    —The best soldiers have a certain mastery over the Aether, consciously or not. I have heard of your exploits, your tactical abilities, your heroics,—if you will be so kind as to let me describe your activities in such a manner, and I hope you will: you needn’t show me humility, Mr. McGalley. You have, unbeknownst to yourself, tapped into the world of the Aether, and you are a great asset to this military. But I fear the national guard is weak at its head. Your talents are being wasted, suffocated under this bureaucracy, and those to whom you answer are letting it happen in silence. What if I told you this ship could be put under your command?

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1 hour ago, JohnLocke said:

i would love to... but im honestly super busy for like the next 2 years of my life. 


40 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Can't do it.  Way too busy and I'd be making Kumar look active.  I'll play if @smith80 plays though.


10 minutes ago, Dr.Strangelove said:

I might return at some point but not this game still way too busy

*puts back on bra, thigh high stockings and cod piece 

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