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[Mafia] Where and What Again? A Hobo’s Tale by One one two (Game Over; Mafia Win)

Master 112

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34 minutes ago, Time Lord said:

Baer could've won the game by voting anyone but Stamkos so he's TP

Never mind, this isn't true. I thought 4 players were alive but there are still 5.


Still, no reason for Baer to vote Stamkos there.

9 minutes ago, Blue Jay 22 said:

I know TL is town because he visited himself in N1. TL can confirm it himself.


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You know what? I bet it's Baer. Stamkos was going to get GK'd anyway. Might as well pick up some TP credit along the way. I don't think it's Zfetch because he could have used his 2 votes to eliminate someone else and he started the Stamkos FOS.


The only other person I could see is DM, but he would have to be a KP for that to happen

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Vote count:
1 - Baer. (Blue Jay 22)
1 - DarthMelvin (Time Lord)


There will be no lynch tonight. Instead, in the next round, each player will be asked to submit two votes: a Vote A in which they will vote for either Baer. or DarthMelvin, and a Vote B which will be used as the normal vote.

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