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[Prediction] Canucks players will kneel during the American anthem in the first game of the season


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We are seeing it more and more in football. it has spread to baseball which is considered a "white-man" sport. It has spread to tennis.


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Players that will kneel this season (Prediction)
Blake Wheeler

Regardless of how it makes you feel individually, these are literally the principles the US was founded on. Come on, Mr. President

1:41 PM - 23 Sep 2017


PK Subban


Joshua Ho Sang


Aquilini, I expect you to be on the ice on our first season game and support our players who no doubtly should kneel to protest the American Anthem



If NHL wants to let everyone know that hockey is for everyone, they MUST take the knee. If the NHL wants to truly convince its fanbase that its Declaration of Principles is more than just PR fluff. If it truly believes that its “Hockey is for Everyone” claim is more than just bs formulated to try and deflect from the fact that the sport has a major culture problem when it comes to accepting female fans and minorities of any kind, then it should allow its players to take a knee when the season starts if they wish to.



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Hockey is one of those sports where any kind of individualism gets frowned upon. Even the way players celebrate a goal is scrutinized. No, there won't be any kneeling.


Edit: Can we leave this topic to the off-topic forum? The last topic was a disaster.

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No way it'll happen. Wouldn't be mad if they did though. Just from the things I've seen them "like" on twitter, it doesn't look like some of our American players (LaBate, Demko- not that they'd be there opening night anyway) are in favor of that anyway.

I'd be curious to see Jakob Chychrun's reaction when he's back on the ice. He's been pretty pro-kneeling/1st amendment with his social media posts.

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2 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:


The more things change.....

One of the moments that transcends sport.  Even the white Australian who won silver (Peter Norman) got blackballed and wasn't allowed to compete in the Munich games, just for standing with them in support.


If you're white, you have no right to criticism the method that black athletes are employing to raise awareness of some very serious issues.  I doubt any Canucks will be doing this, but I'd be very, very proud of any player who chose to do so.

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