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Canucks bring back Holiday goal song?



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Every home game so far this preseason, I've heard them use green day holiday for the goal song.. could they have brought it back? :o


Here's an example from earlier this preseason.


The amazing song!


A great example of it in use.


Don't get your hopes up holiday fans! This could just be a preseason thing, I really hope it's not and they keep it! I'll post updates here if I hear any news about this.

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10 hours ago, WestCoast5347 said:

I could get used to Holliday as our song again. I loved it back in 2011.


 I thought the individual goal song thing was a bust. They need one song that can pump you up and get in the other teams head like Holliday did in 2010-11.

In order for it to 'get in their head', they need to play it more than once a game.


Hopefully we're on the correct side of that issue now.

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5 hours ago, Drive-By Body Pierce said:

Personally, I am a proponent, and fan, of Electric Worry by Clutch as the goal song...



I really like the band Clutch a lot and it was such a unique pick for us. But I prefer to evolve, maybe something new? I also really liked the goal song per player...that was great.

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