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[Game] CDC Gambling - Rodin edition

Ossi Vaananen

A. Rodin  

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Copied this straight of the Vancouver Courier http://www.vancourier.com/pass-it-to-bulis/camp-cuts-anton-rodin-to-waivers-philip-holm-to-utica-olli-juolevi-to-somewhere-else-1.23051826

upshall released holm straight to Utica.


While Anton Rodin could get claimed off waivers, it would take a very bold, unconventional team to do so. In other words, it’s extremely unlikely.

Rodin may have been the SHL MVP two years ago, but he has never shone as brightly in North America. It started with his first stint in the AHL, playing for the Chicago Wolves, who never cared too much about developing Canucks prospects. Rodin struggled with minimal ice time and a tougher, more physical league, putting up just 41 points in 111 AHL games.

In his second stint in North America, he was hampered by his surgically-repaired knee, which never got back to 100%. After a strong preseason, he played just three NHL games before getting shut down thanks to the swelling and inflammation in his knee.

For a team to claim him off waivers, they would be taking a big risk on a player that has never proven himself on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s far more likely that he gets through waivers and gets a chance to establish his game with the Utica Comets.

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I think he clears. For his size, he must provide more offense and he seemed to get bounced around quite a bit in the preseason by the bigger players. Thought he was better at handling the puck but treated it like a hot potato often. Maybe some AHL experience will help.

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1 hour ago, luckylager said:

I voted for him clearing waivers


Because I hope he clears waivers 

....right....right....what was I thinking...the guy is washed up, can't play with that wonky knee...why would any team want him.....nothing to see here .....move along...


....do other teams GM's read this stuff for tips???


....sadly I know at least 1 out of 30 GM's looks at Rodin and sees what I see....

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