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Disclaimer: Lot's of text if you're interested in my home town, otherwise, just skip ahead to the photos :P


Liked the OP's idea so much that I strapped on my running shoes and took a run through my city to show you the most famous sights.


And in case you wondered why I'm a Canuck, it's because I lived in Victoria back in 1991 and fell in love with Linden, Ronning, Courtnall, McLean during their training camp which was held in Victoria that year. And later the same season some guy called Bure arrived and I was forever a die hard Canuck :wub:



Sooo... my home town is Göteborg (Gothenburg in english) and is most known for:


Being Sweden's second largest city (behind the capital city of Stockholm).


Liseberg (our amusement park) which is Swedens biggest tourist attraction year in and year out and has been for the last 50 years or so.


One of the biggest ports in nothern Europe. The city port has gradually moved out closer to the ocean but you can still see some cranes and heavy industrial buildings down town.


IFK Göteborg, our biggest soccer club who had enormous success during the 80's and 90's with two UEFA Cup championships (still the only swedish club with European Cup titles) one final at the early Champions Cup (lost the final though) and many good seasons in the Champions League with victories over clubs such as Barcelona and Manchester United. (Nowadays we're not that good anymore, just living on memories.)


Frölunda, one of Sweden's biggest icehockey clubs, especially when it comes to fan support all over the country and when counting the biggest attendance (home arena: Scandinavium). Only 4 championships though, with the latest in 2016. Frölunda's five most famous (developed) players are probably: Per-Johan Axelsson, Daniel Alfredsson, Henrik Lundqvist, Erik Karlsson and our own Loui Eriksson. But perhaps will our current Rasmus Dahlin be the biggest of them all!? (Projected to go as no 1 in the next draft!)


Volvo, which was founded here in Gothenburg and still has it's headquarters in town. Nowadays the Cars part of the company are owned by the chinese Geely but the rest (Trucks, Busses, Boating, Airplane, Equipment) are still in Swedish hands.


Göteborgsvarvet (Gothenburg half marathon) which is the world's largest annually half matahon with approx 50k finishers. (Around 65-70k signs up.)


All photo's except the rallying at Götaplatsen to celebrate Frölunda's latest championship in 2016 (where approx 50k fans turned up) are taken today with my mobile phone.


At the far end of Liseberg.


Our "parade" street: the Avenue with the statue of Poseidon (I'm running on an early sunny sunday morning). Just me and the tourist's out...



Me in front of all the fans back in 2016. (The same place as the picture above, but some more people...)


Me today in front of our old moat, from 1621 when the city was founded.


The old cranes at the city harbor.


And old ship and one of our most famous buildings, called the lipstick... LOL


Our "Lions Gate Bridge"... (Älvsborgsbron)



Old Volvo cars... you can actually take a city tour in these beauties...


And last... I ran through our city park: Slottsskogen.





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