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Poll on Final Roster Cuts


Two guys have to go in the final roster cuts. Who should they be?  

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I realize that the substantive content of this message would fit in the training camp thread, but I thought it would be interesting to run a poll so I am starting a new thread. I hope the thread integrity purists will not be too critical, especially as I probably belong to that group. Pretty much everything that can be said about the remaining bubble guys has been said, but it would be interesting to see how the votes shake out.


Just to recap, after the moves today (Sunday, Oct. 1), the 23 man roster is almost set.


There are 9 forwards and 6 Ds (and 2 goalies) who are absolutely certain to be on the 23 man team to start the season. I won't take the space to list them. That makes 17. So 6 spots are left.


The following uninjured "bubble" guys are left in camp:


Boeser, Virtanen, Burmistrov, Archibald, Dorsett, Wiercioch, Biega, and Pedan. That is 8 guys for 6 spots.  (I am not counting Juolevi. He is technically still in camp but the Canucks have said he will be leaving.)


So two more guys have to go.


Here are some options:


The "obvious" outcome is that Archibald and Pedan would be cut. Archie does not have an NHL contract so would not go on waivers, but he could be signed by another NHL team (although I am not sure of the exact details on how this works). Pedan would have to go on waivers and, although very few players are picked up off waivers at this time of  year, I think there is a reasonable chance he would be picked up.


Another option is send down Boeser or Virtanen even though they have easily been the best two guys from the bubble group in pre-season. But, they are waiver exempt and it could be argued that it would do them good to play big minutes in Utica until injuries create an opportunity on the Canucks. I don't believe that argument but reasonable people do make it.


Another possibility would be to say that Dorsett is not yet 100% after his surgery and put him on IR, necessitating no other forward cuts. That would possibly be questioned by the NHL but I think it would probably fly. (I do not know Dorsett's actual condidtion, of course, but I bet he is experiencing some pain and with this kind of surgery full recovery can take a long time and is highly uncertain.) I also wonder about the health of Horvat and Baertschi. They are supposed to be ready to go to start the season but I would not rule out one of those guys going on IR.


However, on D, my favored outcome would be to keep Pedan and waive Biega. Biega is a great guy who always plays with a high energy level and is a great team guy. But he has no additional upward potential. He has actually done extremely well to reach the level of being a replacement level NHL D. He would not be claimed off waivers and he would be very valuable as leader of the D in Utica, which is otherwise a young AHL D.


For the forwards, I would put Dorsett on IR and keep the others if that is feasible. If that is not feasible I guess I would cut Archie, but I have this nagging sense that I would rather waive Burmistrov and keep Archie.



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i would cut Weircoch, beiga, and see how dorsett does. i think having the option of having 2 of Megna, archy, and dorsett on any given night is nice. would allow greener different looks. megna was used last night and his speed helped his line prevent mcdavid from taking over the game.


keep olli until Weircoch clears. if hes claimed give olli 3 or 4 games before demoting and calling up holm. i guess olli would count as a body. so ya lol nevermind.  id risk exposing them both.

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I know i am in the minority here... boeser should be in the AHL... he's going to be a good player but i really feel he needs some pro hockey development time. Skating isn't the greatest, and he seems to get pushed off the puck fairly easily with the tougher competition.


he was very underwhelming in his last two games vs more NHL line ups....

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Cut biega keep pedan and wier - I like biega and he's been great as a depth guy but I doubt anyone needs to explain to him that as a career 7/8th dman he expendable over youth. 

Waive dorsett again it's not that he's bad it's just younger better options are now available. 



Easier for a dman such as pedan to play a 4th line roll in a pinch. 



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1 hour ago, smithers joe said:

i wonder how green and company sees it? they still haven't decided whether to keep 8 d-men , 13 forwards or 7 d-men and 14 forwards. 

there are some good arguments for both options for sure. But 8 D makes sense given our injury history. 

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1 hour ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Keep Boeser, Virtanen, Burmistrov.


Send down Archibald.


Keep Wiercioch, Pedan.


Send down Biega.


The key here is Pedan. His game on D is what we need as an option especially in this conference.

He has really improved his overall game just like JV, Green has work with both and knows exactly the buttons to push with each player, another reason to keep both here.


So impressed with what Green has done for these players


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18 minutes ago, kingofsurrey said:

Cut Biega and Dorset 


Keep Archie and Pedan.


Call up Biega later this year for first injured D man. 

Dorset is damaged goods.  No point having an enforcer that's body can't  hold up.   EG  another Prust. 

not really lol

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dorset may well have some lingering pain ,however this guy goes flat out into the hard areas ,will go up against anybody even if he knows he's probly going to get his face beat in  I don think he would be good with being on ir , he wants to play, and this guy is literally playing for his NHL life.  somewhat hefty contract so if they put him on waivers and he doesn't get picked up then what ? we're stuck with him.

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Keep Pedan and Wiercoch.  Send down Biega.  This is the hardest decision to make really since Biega has been a contributor off and on for years but Pedan has finally showed he belongs in the league and brings an element of toughness that is needed.  Biega plays hard in all zones but isn't mistake free and doesn't excel at any one thing.

Boeser confirmed that he should be in the NHL in the preseason and Jake looked to have a big breakthrough at the NHL level.  It's time for them to prove they belong full time on the roster and the NHL is the place to continue their development.  Archibald had a solid pre-season but not enough to bump Virtanen imho.  I liked his grit and determination but we'll have to take our chances with him and asset management be damned.

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