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PREDICT THE SCORE CONTEST: Canucks vs Oilers Saturday October 7th 2017


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16 minutes ago, Dynamic Innovator said:

6-1 Coilers.  I hate to say it but I believe the Canucks are going to take heavy and frequent beatings from the Coilers this year.


Granlund with a crease shovel in garbage time.

There are teams built for serious CUP play and those for regular season. The Oilers are a BIG team with skill. Partisanship aside where does this leave the Canucks? At best they are a below scale regular season team that cannot play physical for any stretch of time and cannot handle many injury lost games. This is a transition roster with only 1 player in the top 6 who can claim to be a bonafide top 6 player on a serious CUP contender. Horvat. Even he has to season for a couple more years. Watching the Oilers last night I am again reminded of one of the biggest set backs the org has suffered in the past few years, the loss of Zack Kassian. 

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I think it could be a real spanking, embarrassing. If they come here to make a statement to the league I think they could score 10+ goals, I think McDavid could score 5 goals alone, man was he good.

I don't think the Canucks will get 15 shots on goal. 



But then again in the past when the Canucks were really good and you expected them to win, they would lose badly to the Oilers ......

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