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Our health care SUCKS!!! Failed my wife...


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So last week I took my wife to royal Columbian ER... My wife had terrible pain in her foot after our 8 hour hike up burke mountian. After a 3 hour wait and check up, the doctor told her it was just regular over usage and that a couple days of rest would be sufficient. He sent her away with inflammatory medication.. Well yesterday we finally managed to get into our family doctor ( week later ) it was determined that she had a double stress fracture in her foot after x rays... Shes now in a air boot and suffering....  Anyways the reason I'm posting this is because we are wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue with our terrible health care systems...........

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I have a family member who recent got an all-clear from the hospital after being on an EKG after complaining about chest pains, only to be called into the doctor a few weeks later to be told she had suffered a heart attack that night after secondary analysis.


The healthcare system here is definitely far from perfect. I'm happy I can go for general checkups and hospital stays without being bankrupted, but it's broken in its own ways too.

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I went into Royal Columbia in an ambulance one night 4 years back with heart failure due to stress and besides the place being overcrowded and having to wait in a bed in the ER for 15 hours for a spot to open up in intensive care I was treated extremely well. I was in for 2 days in intensive care and 8 days total. Everybody was very nice, the food was half decent. No complaints.


 Of course I did go into the hospital in Langley a few months before that to have my foot X rayed because it was swollen up and painful to walk on. The doctor looked at the x ray, looked at my foot for 5 seconds and told me it was just sprained and not broken. He failed to notice It was swollen as a symptom of the congestive heart failure I was experiencing. Fun times. Looking back I realize I was to blame as well. I was completely oblivious to the plain signs of my own health deteriorating.


 Im all better now thanks to a steady diet of prescription drugs.

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3 minutes ago, kingofsurrey said:


I think you get better quality in the USA though if you can afford the coverage....

My Dad has coverage in the US through his work (even though hes been retired for over 10 years now). Got a stent here in Vancouver that he had to wait 4 months for. Had to have it redone when he was down in Bellingham. He asked how long before they could do it, Guy says " its not too long a wait, maybe 45 minutes". Had it done that day.

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1 minute ago, inane said:

I've had nothing but good experiences. 

Hopefully you never need to visit a Canadian Hospital ER 


Canada has worst ER/referral wait times in 11 developed countries: Report



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Sounds like the "system" worked like how it should...


Doctors are not required to see you if you don't have an appointment or emergency. We have ER's for a reason, and the description of pain in your foot isn't an emergency. It sucks, but that's the way she goes. 


Without all the information... It sounds like he heard she walked up and down a mountain for 8 hours and assumed (like any person would) that she was sore and didn't have any structural damage.


As a patient you should ensure you are taken care of to your satisfaction.  If you think it's more than over usage, than say so. The doctor won't just ignore you.


In the end, the Doctor ****ed up. Your experience would have went perfectly if he properly diagnosed your wife. 

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Sounds like bad Doctors and not the system that failed you.


I have had the opposite experiences.


About 9 months ago my brother in law had chest pains and went to emergency in Duncan.  They sent him by ambulance to Victoria right away

It was discovered he had to have a triple bypass and they were going to do it that night.  They had to wait another 36 hours because of some other medication he was on.

Triple bypass is a major operation.


Got the surgery and was home in a little over 3 days.....I can only imagine the cost down in the USA.


My 90 year old father has been in and out of the hospital a few times over the last 2 years.  Top notch care.


As for me....a few concussions....partially torn Achilles.....medial tendinitis   About 16 years ago I developed epiglottis (look it up...not fun) and was put in the hospital right away for 6 days.


It has it's bad points to be sure but it beats bankruptcy.  


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My wife was constantly not taken seriously by doctors when she said she had irregular bleeding. One morning she woke me up saying she was having excruciating pain in her lower abdomen. She was rushed to Regina where the found out that she had an ectopic pregnancy (egg implants in tube) and it burst the tube. She had large amounts of internal bleeding and was hours away from passing. 


To say the least we have sent in several complaints about local health care and haven't seen a particular doctor since. 

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The problem here now is that you and your wife are not terrorists, who murder US Army Vets, destroying their families, and then get sent to Guantanamo to do time for such. 

Our Child in Charge gives $10,000,000.00 to people like that.

That's a lot of walking boots, bro 


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Aug 4th my dad was in a motorcycle accident. Ambulance got there quickly and took him to the local hospital, where they quickly called for a helicopter to take him to VGH.

By the time we got to Vancouver the next day, the medical team( because it is a team) at VGH ICU had opened him up, surrounded his liver with packing to hold it together, put a shunt in his kidney, stitched up a couple of tears in his pancreas, fixed the hole in his lung(pneumothorax), basically glued the 3 ribs he broke, and discovered the multiple small spinal fractures that while painful are not serious.

Amazing care and an amazing place, if VGH ICU can't fix the patient nobody can. After a 5 weeks in ICU, 2 weeks in burn/trauma/high acuity ward and 1 week on the seventh floor they put him in an ambulance and shipped him up to the local hospital, where he will be for several more weeks before getting home.

 I was very impressed by the level of care at the ICU, the upbeat attitude and willingness of the entire team to keep the family very well informed. 

Very much a group effort with doctors, trauma surgeons, respirologists, urologists, nurses all having a say and deciding on the care plan.


To anyone that reads this and works in health care be it from ambulance level to neuro surgeon you have my thanks and admiration.

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Went to the ER with a swollen foot after a long hike.

Did your wife happen to mention any accidents that may have caused such an injury? 

A fractured foot isn't something that "just happens" from hiking. There must have been just one moment of "WTF OUCH!"... Because that's when it happened. It's important to articulate that moment to the doctor.


I've broken enough bones to know they don't hurt as much as tearing ligaments and tendons, but guess what? - IT STILL HURTS REALLY BAD.


I don't think our health care sucks. Go move to the US and wait at the ER there, get the same diagnosis and a big fat bill.


I've had to wait in all out agony. And I even knew exactly when and how I broke my wrist / arm / clavical / ankle(s) / ribs / patella and BACK.


How the hell do you fracture a foot and not know when? I don't mean to be crass, but does your wife weigh 500lbs?


Your story's not adding up

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Fell snowboarding, had wrist x-rayed.  Said nothing broken.  Didn't get better, went back 4 months later for another x-ray -- broken.  Supposedly they can't always tell right away?  Considering how long ago it happened, had to get a pin put in as otherwise it would have been in a cast for 4-6 months.

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So about 8 days or so after our son was stillborn I walked into the ER at RCH complaining of Chest pain that got worse with breathing.

I was sent for x rays and they found a shadow on one of my lungs. I was told I needed a CT scan and after getting one we were told I had a PE (blood clot in my lung) the doctors gave me a prescription for blood thinners and sent us home.


Two days later I was rushed back to the ER via ambulance with worse chest pain as well as finding it difficult to breath.

The ER was packed and I was stuck on gurney in the hallway for 6 hours. The paramedic stayed with me keeping a eye on my vital signs. I was in horrible pain and they couldnt even give me a tyenol for the pain. When the doctor FINALLY saw me he told me that  I actually had clots in both my lungs and he didnt understand why I hadnt been admitted two days ago. He wanted to keep me in the hospital overnight to keep a eye on my vitals (my heart rate was high) and so I could talk to a hemotologist. 

Shortly after I saw the specialist the ER nurse came in and told me they were moving me to another part of the hospital. That was fine and all until she told me that the only spot for me was the maternity ward. Instantly I refused because I had just had a stillbirth a week or so earlier. The nurse pretty much told me to suck it up and that was where they where putting me. It wasnt till the Hemotolgist and the social worker told her that I was not to be put in the Maternity ward that she suddenly (though reluctantly) agreed to move me to another part of the hospital.

Once I was away from her and the ER I had amazing care.


Fast forward a year and a few months I was once again rushed to the ER via ambulance because I was having a miscarriage. Since I have a previous history of blood clots in relation to pregnancy I was on blood thinners at the time and was at risk of hemmorghing.

The staff where very attentive and we were seen by the doctors quite quickly however the doctors who saw me bedside mannor was greatly lacking.  We had a new doctor (possible med student) who had to confirm the miscarriage via ultrasound. She wasnt sure of what she was seeing and so she called in another doctor to help assist her with the ultrasound. The two doctors then started to joke and laugh with eachother while they were performing the ultra sound which given the circumstances was very insenstive.







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I don't understand why our hospitals don't triage patients more. When my Mom fell and broke her collarbone and arm. We made a makeshift sling, but it was swollen and she was in Richmond General in a great deal of pain. We waited over an hour and a half. Meanwhile they ER docs look at a kid with a freaking earache! Fortunately our family doctor worked Richmond General on occasion (He was not just a family doctor he was qualified as a surgeon). Saw my Mom, and got her looked at right away. 


When I cracked my ribs in a motorcycle accident, I tried to sleep but the pain got really bad at 4am. So I went to Richmond General. Waited 3 hours. Doctor looks at me, wouldn't even perscribe Tylenol 3 for the pain. She said I could wait another 3 hours for an x-ray. So I left, bought some ibuprofen, and rested up over the weekend on the couch so I could at least doze off in a sitting position. 


I've noted before when I had my stroke, the paramedics insisted on taking me to VGH (Thank you both for doing so..) because they stated if I went to Richmond General, they would have just given me antibiotic and sent me home. They knew it was more serious than that. 


I'm sure if government worked with Doctors, nurses, and technicians they could find ways of reducing wait times. Perhaps have government get into making beds, medical supplies, use more generic drugs. Build our own MRI's, CAT scanners, etc. and the money saved hire more staff. 


Perhaps we can get to a point where we can over-staff the hospitals and the excess capacity arrange to have US patients sent here, make a profit off them and use that to improve funding. 


One big thing I noticed is BC Government seems to love building and renovating hospitals, then when the new wards are built, they stand empty because there's no money left to hire staff. Maybe that needs to be looked at as well. 


Reminds me of this:





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