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MacDonald's Rick and Morty tie-in goes poorly.


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1 hour ago, BowtieCanuck said:

Can't you just buy Schezuan sauce in the international section of the grocery store?

People who have 12 hrs to stand in line for free sauce at McDonald's probably don't have jobs or money. Or  they might be mentally challenged.


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1 hour ago, Green Building said:

Or they could be, you know, fans of the show.

Because those things are mutually exclusive.


Rick and Morty is a great show but as far as tv goes it has one of the worst fanbases on the planet.

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Lol MacDonalds, that just aint right.  Reminds me of:


Coming to America McDowell's



Don’t forget that McDonald’s is nothing like McDowell’s. While McDonald’s has the golden arches, McDowell’s has the golden arcs. McDonald’s has the Big Mac, but McDowell’s has the Big Mick. They both have two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions. But McDonald’s buns have sesame seeds. McDowell’s buns have no seeds.


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