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Red Wings switch from real goal horn to audio file


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The Detroit Red Wings are using an audio file in the new Little Caesars Arena instead of the real goal horn they had before. They are one of the few teams who are doing this. Listen to the difference :sick:


Original goal horn (Joe Louis Arena)


New goal horn (Little Caesars Arena) :sadno:



We are not allowed to put the horn from the Joe into LCA because the horn from the Joe is from the 70s. I’m not sure what the technical words are for why they can’t bring it over but it is because the horn at the Joe uses a flammable gas that is against modern code. I guess the horn has a very flammable gas that it uses and it was only allowed to be at the Joe because it was grandfathered in, along with many other against code things at the Joe.



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Much ado about nothing. First video is a prime example of a good audio recording, the 2nd is an example of a terrible audio recording. You can tell that the source recording was heavily compressed, I would seek better sources for comparison; ie by watching a Wings game on TV and listen how the horn sounds. Even the music is terribly compressed.

I suspect that if you heard it in person, you would have a tough time distinguishing the real horn from the recorded horn. My guess is they recorded the audio correctly and use a high bitrate audio file (maybe lossless, most likely), whereas the video was probably recorded with a low quality directional mic (not a condenser mic) and the file was then compressed, uploaded to Youtube and further altered by Youtube.

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