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The curious case of Brock Boeser


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Brock Boeser had four goals and three assists in five games during the pre-season. Yet, he didn't get to play during the regular season. 

He was on fire the end of last season. 




That's what the coach said regarding Brock Boser's situation: 


Brock Boeser led the Canucks in pre-season scoring with four goals and three assists in five games.

He started fast but faded and the winger didn’t play in the opener Saturday. It wasn’t a knock on the 2015 first-round pick. But Boeser was also the extra forward in line rushes at practice on Monday and the buzz of him sitting out Saturday was immediate and long lasting.

Welcome to Vancouver, coach.

“I’d be a fool to not believe that some people may wonder why, but fans get caught up in the hype and that’s the great part about sport,” said head coach Travis Green. “One good think about Vancouver is you get a lot of advice. But you have to make hard decisions.

“We watch every little detail and I thought Brock got a little tired toward the end of camp. I don’t think he played his best the last two games, but I’m not disappointed. I like Brock and he has a lot of upside. But I thought he was skating better at the beginning of camp then at the end, but I see him improving his foot speed.”

As for Boeser, he said this much:

“I’m going to work on some stuff to make sure I can get in the lineup. And when I get the chance, I’m going to make the most of it so he (Green) can’t take me out.”

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They've said since day one that a big part of their plan is putting players in a position to succeed so why would we ice one of the team's best scoring forward prospects in a bottom six grinder role against Lucic, Maroon, Kassian, Gryba and Nurse? Once Green shortened the bench in the third Boeser probably wouldn't have played more than a few minutes anyway.

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59 minutes ago, kurtzfan said:

Brock Boeser had four goals and three assists in five games during the pre-season. Yet, he didn't get to play during the regular season. 

It's ONE game. Uno. Single. As in not anywhere near to anything remotely significant.

Green had a gameplan, he stuck to it, both Virtanen and Dorsett were excellent. If anything I could see Vanek sit and Boeser slot in if Vanek and the Sedins don't pick up their pace, especially on the power play.

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23 minutes ago, MJDDawg said:

Bo was held out of 14 games early in his first season.


So what's the case you're trying to make again?

That was because he suffered an injury in pre-season and then was given a conditioning stint to Utica. The stint lasted 2 weeks.

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Yep, cost us the game.  Oh, wait a minute...


Dorsett matched up better against the Oilers and he had a great game.  This is Boeser's first full season as a pro, with a much more grueling schedule than college.  Seems reasonable to sit him once in a while if he's already getting fatigued.

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I didn't see the pre-season, so i am not sure whether Green is right/wrong. He is the coach and i defer to him. Having said that, so Brock got a bit tired near the end. Ok. No big deal. Its a bit disappointing, but at the end of the day, the young man is only 20...barely a man. Some people mature physically differently and its unrealistic to think, one will get a player who is young and at elite level stamina, then add 20 pounds and be big, fast, strong and have stamina, is to over-simplify a developing player.

So Brock may not be coping well with 3 games in 4 nights kind of scenarios. Ok. Give it a few months or a year. He will become as fit as everyone else in the team. He also is a new pro. No big deal. I am ok if Brock sits for a bit, then comes in. As it is, not exactly sure who to replace for him, either. 

PS: Having said that, we can sit Burmie against a defensively weak team and roll a line of:






That is the only lineup that currently makes sense/will be the variation (barring injuries). 


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2 minutes ago, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz said:

brock wasnt at practice again, so from what people been saying he looks like the odd man out yet again , does green hate this guy or something?

Doesn't have to be that. As people have noted, the lineup Green has made, has worked against a good team and its only game 1. Relax. Brock may need to go do extra skates for a few weeks to toughen up a bit, it seems. He will get his chance. At the end of the day, remember last year ? we stared 4-0. Canucks won't win for long and will hit a tough patch. Thats when Brock comes in. 

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Burmistrov was pretty underwhelming to me, I wouldn't mind scratching him to add Brock in and flip some players around.


Sedins - Vanek

Bae - Bo - Eriksson

Virtanen - Gagner - Boeser

Granlund - Sutter - Dorsett


Also, Boeser can swap in on PP1 and man the left point and clap home one-timers all day ;)

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