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21 hours ago, vladimir136 said:

thanks elvis15,

i did not make up numbers, twins plus vanek comes to 107, 

what is the issue ? are we rebuilding with these numbers?

you don't like it?

which part you don't like?

they are 107 or the one that i'm saying they are 107?


4 years going nowhere and i should just comment other comments?

thanks but no thanks

this is free forum

i'm not happy where canucks are now and i'm saying it as a canuck supporter

if someone does not like it , like you for example

then i have to ask you a question again

what don't you like?

that canucks are not going anywhere for four years or the one i'm saying about  it?










First, what is with all the extra lines at the end? Second, you said they were our first line, which they aren't. Then you tried to say we should have gone after Jagr, which would make them older and even slower. Finally, this is in Around the NHL for some reason.


This is not a free board. This is run by the Canucks and the NHL, and there are rules that say you can't just post whatever you want. You should post things of substance, you should put them in the right forum, and you shouldn't troll other posters with repeated threads filled with nothing but negative opinions and you yammering on about rebuilding.


I wasn't kidding when I said you should stick to replying in other threads. If you stick around long enough, you'll get a better lay of the land and understand what I mean. I've dealt with too many people already this week being purposefully obtuse and I don't need to come to the Canucks forum and deal with another.

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