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Most Reputation you've ever received in a post


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1 hour ago, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz said:

I dont care about rep , ill probbaly be neg in no time anyway, cause people neg rep you for no reason, or they dont agree with  you , or you say something against there favorite player etc etc etc lol 


There's a time & a place..for example, if you've got an important job interview, you might wanna go on about your CDC reps.

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10 hours ago, Slegr said:

-87 for starting a beauty thread on why Jannik Hansen shouldn't be in the line-up. In true Hansen fashion, I played a mighty agitator and kept that thread going long past its expected expiry. 

Holy heck did I ever love that thread, Slegr ;)

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+30ish for a rant on how for years the Oilers sucked so they made a rule to discourage tanking, then the leafs purposely tanked and got rewarded for it whereas the Canucks at least tried to ice a competitive roster and got hosed.  And then it happened again!


Only get the odd neg, I remember during the Super Bowl all the pat haters were loud and proud at halftime so I naturally had to chime in the next day.

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