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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks @ Boston Bruins


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1 hour ago, luckylager said:

Win or lose, make that filthy rat miserable.


Still waiting for one of the twins to just smash him one on that twisted snout.


I won't hold my breath, but they may not get another chance. No time like today guys, beat his a§§

Would absolutely LOVE to see Daniel drop the gloves with him. Never happen, and 6 years (!) too late.

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1 hour ago, Green Building said:

I wasn't going to say anything, but you posted this pic so now I have to. They're sewer/storm drain maintenance at the foot of my street and my toilet just backfire sputter exploded a pile of air and water into my bathroom. Not quite like the famous Seinfeld scene, but easily %30 of that.


Good thing nobody was using it at the time, and good thing I'm a habitual flusher. 



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2 hours ago, Bo fan said:

Win or lose  I just want to see a solid game from all the players

Seems like ratboy has turned a new leaf to some degree - he hasn't seemed like such a ______ in the last year

Hope the B line shows up like they did against Ottawa - makes it fun to watch and I really don't know who is the best fit with the Sedins - not Vanek - but a toss between Granny and Ganger

Bo with Vanek and Ganger didn't look all bad either

We have an expensive 4th line but they do get the job done - think maybe Travis is right in not calling any line his 1st or whatever

Go Canucks Go

Would be exciting to come off the road trip  with 6 points

Put Dorsett with Sedins. He will protect twins, and do not loss of Vanek, Granny or Ganger.

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