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Erik Gudbranson suspended one game for hit on Frank Vatrano


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14 hours ago, Baggins said:

A legal check - no problem, the player gets what he deserves.  But a player having his head down or his back turned isn't a green light to deliver an illegal check. Dems da rulz.....

does NOT matter at all at this point


the player knew someone was coming, now weather he hits him legal or not the player getting hit should turn and be aware of the on coming players which the NHL said they would be holding players responsible both ways for bad hits.


I just wants the NHL to look at these hits and again make the player hitting and being hit responsible as they said they would.


I KNOW the hit was illegal. I was getting to the players being hit and saying he knew Guddy was coming yet did not turn around which he should have.


In the 70's,80's and somewhat in the 90's players turned around to take these hits, more euro players and this happens they do NOT turn!


The twins never turned when they first came in, now watch them they TURN and take the hit.

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