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How does it work?

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Just a hypothetical

I'm interested in and how it works... in regards to placing bets on the Stanley Cup early in the season. Or any bet for that matter.

Say you make a bet at 800-1 and then the odds change by the end of the season to 10 to 1 or whatever, is that 800-1 ticket no longer valid?

how does that exactly work can someone explain that to me?

thank you

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I've never done it, but assuming you are making the bet at a legitimate place (a Vegas Sports Book, for instance), the odds are what they are when you make the bet, and stay that way.  If you're thinking of betting on the Canucks, and they somehow go on a huge run and make it, their odds are going to get better and better as they get closer to the finals.  By making the bet now, you are taking more of a risk, so the odds should be higher.

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