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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings

-Vintage Canuck-

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Both Baer and DD are close to some goals. Baer now needs 2 points for 100 in his career; DD needs 1 goal to get to 50 (for his career). The way the team is going on this road trip, those marks should be met in the next couple of games.


Great game! The youth and speed is starting to show!

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8 minutes ago, PalindromeSyndrome said:

Absolutely.  We seem to be causing a lot more turnovers in the neutral zone and picking off passes and transitioning that into scoring chances as well. Very positive signs. 


Oops, meant to quote @4thLineGrinder


we used to go months between good pinches from the D,


now we do that a half dozen times a game

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Just now, 4thLineGrinder said:


boy was ferraro ever wrong when he called jake hansen 2.0 :rolleyes:

Knocking his IQ. Jake has demonstrated superior IQ in the last 2 games at least.


Virt is filthy. When he dummies Lil Keith, all will be revealed.


Lil' Keith is a promising player and Keith was always a 1W, mad respect to Keith Tkachuck.



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8 minutes ago, JoGuitar said:

Got a great view of the seats at the new Detroit rink tonight...

Now that the bubble on the ice has burst, the state of the Detroit economy is really showing through—sad.

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Guddy again with a strong game he even through in a dangle lol....marky was poised and solid which is really good to see and i love how every line had chances tonight 


the one thing im noticing this season which is not good is how unaffective gagner is on our roster im seeing constant losses in ouck battles and invisible offence 


another thing is how granlund is beeing buried on the lines hes gone from beeing an effective player to beeing unnoticed offensively which sux because with the sedins last season he was dangerous and green isnt using him effectively in my mind 


all in all great effort hope stetch is good


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