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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings

-Vintage Canuck-

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Another entertaining game thanks to TG's style. Everyone had a great game.  Well I don't really include Gagner in that..


JV, Baer, Boeser, Horvat..  Looking really good out there. MDZ eating minutes. Guddy showing he should be signed. 


DD keeping the run alive and looking like he is truly having fun. Great game by the boys. 

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5 minutes ago, 4thLineGrinder said:


we used to go months between good pinches from the D,


now we do that a half dozen times a game

It's a welcomed improvement so far.  It just looks to me like the defense are playing confident and comfortable in their roles. No more hesitant Ill advised  pinching to chop at the puck and watch it get blocked by the forward along the boards resulting in an odd man rush going the other way. 

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Kronwall has ended careers and wrecked numerous careers with that unique hit of his.


good on jake to put him on his pants


its nice to see jake and brock find a spot on the team and in important roles and the vets are pushed down the line up




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Good game nice to see some of the snake bit players get a goal. Bear and virt  Both looked effective at both ends. Hutton had a good game too as did markstrom.

suck stetch got hurt it didn’t look good. Glad we still have steady and ready biega. 


Gagner is useless Vanek not far off that either.

either could sit out when gaunce is back and it wouldn’t hurt the team. 


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45 minutes ago, b3. said:

MDZ is sure eating up a lot of minutes. 25 again tonight.


That ability is going to pay off huge once Edler gets back. Takes a lot of pressure off him and allows him to be more consistent with a deployment he can handle around the 20-22 minute mark rather then the 25+ he struggles with.

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