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[poll/discussion] Quick Poll - how much credit do you give Sutter for Dorsett's revival?


Quick Poll - how much credit do you give Sutter for Dorsett's revival?  

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I think it's an indirect help in a matter of speaking. DD has talented line mates. They help win faceoffs, create space, keep up the energy. As others have said I think it's just a really good line. 


I was originally miffed Granny was there as I wanted to see him in a more prominent position than "4th line winger". Though it isn't a 4th line. It's a very good hard working line that is playing some great hockey.  


As an aside I'm loving Dorsett this season.  I'm going to buy a DD jersey and give Botch the bird if he puts me in the Provies. 

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1 hour ago, 6YPE said:

For me the real question here is, has 15 become the new 14?


Right at this moment it kind of reminds me of when Burrows took his game to the next level.


It's like Dorsett has become the gritty pest we so desperately need that's potting in a few goals... 

Not that different from Burr. Same type of player, didn't show any real offensive production until he was almost Dorsett's age.

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8 hours ago, luckylager said:

Oh, you've never heard the legend of Sir Sutter.. A knight so brave, with such testicular fortitude, he was willing to block shots with his face? No?


Well it's an epic tale, and I just don't have the energy to scribe it in its entirety, but to cut it short-


The handmaiden, who was actually a Princess, requested a bronze casting of Sutter's manhood after several acts of immense bravery had been storied across her lands. Being the brave and kind knight he is, Sutter submitted to the fair maiden's request.

The "Princess" fell in love with brave Sutts and thus had the bronze cast plated with gold, which in her opinion, did not do justice to Sir Sutter of Massive Balls so she had him drawn as she plated his manhood with gold leaf by her naked hands. A wizard then cast a spell to bind the leaf to balls, a protection spell.


(The epic includes stories of trolls, witches, a few giants, a dwarf, dragons and a real life dragon slayer, who is still in the bretheren.. It's pretty epic)

:lol::lol: +100.... Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you the modern version of Hans Christian Andersen..... What a joy full story... 

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4 hours ago, WeneedLumme said:

Not that different from Burr. Same type of player, didn't show any real offensive production until he was almost Dorsett's age.

Now wouldn't that just take to roof of the building, if DD took of and became the scoring Burr...


Think a lot of this has to do with his line mates as well. The 3 amigos compliments on another very well...

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Sutter's certainly one of the most underated guys on this team. He's the type of player coaches love, hard working and very solid defensively. Can win faceoffs, matchups, kill penalties, play well defensively and has a secretly fantastic shot. When JB called him a foundational player he was right - not flashy but a rock of a 3rd line center who Horvat can mould his game around. He's a poor man's Kesler and that's not too bad considering his cap hit and ice-time.


One thing about players like them is that it takes a lot of defensive and physical responsibilities away from other guys, leaving Dorsett to really hound the puck and that's lead to some surprise offence from him. Usually Dorsett is the checker on the line, focussed on finishing guys off in the corners and throwing his body around but now he doesn't need to worry about the physical or defensive side of the puck thanks to Sutter so we're seeing what he can do offensively for the first time and it's amazing.


More importantly, I think teams are trying to match up defensively against the Sedins still and the Horvat line, leaving Sutter and Dorsett to play against some very rubbish 3rd pairing defencemen.

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20 hours ago, PhillipBlunt said:




Hi PhillipBlunt. Is Rocksterh8 an eight year old kid posting on the CDC?


He's six years old? Really?


20 hours ago, Rocksterh8 said:

When you make ridicules comments, are shown  how ridicules it is, and you have nothing to back up your comment, you turn to putting down the person that made you realize how ridicules your comment was. I know who the kid is on here.

Holy man hahahahaha. 

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