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[PGT] Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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Game of the year, no shame in that one.  


Entertainment is back in Canuck land, and more is to come...


Edit: just like to add Guddy was a beast on the boards.  there was one play  -which i would love a gif of- where there are two guys against him in the corner and he just bulldozed through both of them.

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2 minutes ago, Shirotashi said:

The Stars had no business wining that game, yeah the boys played good but man we need to win those types of games. Hard to lose.


That's only if you have playoff hopes. Those are games that our youth learn from.

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Don't know what Bo and Baertschi were doing both going in deep on a 3 on 3 period.  Don't really like Baertschi's game, offensively turns on the jets but is so careless in his own zone.  Made 4 ill-advised passes in his own zone that ended up as opportunities for the Stars, and ultimately almost gave it away on that give away play briefly before Radulov ended it.


Good game overall, good fight in the team.

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