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[PGT] Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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16 minutes ago, Apple Juice said:

Anyone know why Markstrom was so hot at the end of the game? My only guess is cuz he thought it was too many men for the Stars but can't really tell from the replay

He realized how much NHL refs make for being flaming sacks of dog crap. 

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As much as I love the Sedins for their effort and their past contributions, that losing shift in overtime started with one Sedin being selfish and staying on the ice too long.


That meant there was only a single player change, being Baertschi, which meant that later in his shift, he was too tired to keep up with Horvat.


Sedins need to understand they are subject to the same discipline and short shift line changes in OT that anyone else on the team has to accept.


Otherwise it was a great game... well played by the Canucks.  Not sure they deserved to win... Dallas had better chances.


I believe Markstrom, although he lost again, is the better goalie of the current Canuck tandem... but he is unlucky.  He showed great inspiration and spark in his play.  The types of plays he made, you can't teach.  Nilsson has been lucky in the opposition he has faced.  He depends too much on his size... doesn't have the lateral movement or puck skills.


Great game by the Sutter line again.... they could have won it for the team.


Even though Vanek was a bonehead for getting himself in position to take two stupid penalties, he impresses me every game with his skills and his willingness to work for the team.  That rush when he deked behind his back to beat the defenseman and almost put the puck in the net is also something you can't teach.


Baertschi is showing big confidence out there... I am liking it.  Those who say he is the weak part of the Horvat line are mistaken.



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2 minutes ago, *Buzzsaw* said:

I forgot to mention Biega had a hell of a game.


He was in the offensive plays, he was hitting like a guy who is twice the size.


It's really unfortunate he has hands of stone.  :unsure:

Hopefully that he would be turned to hand of sponge rather than stone. 

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An important thing to note is that the Canucks are only rolling out two PK unit lines  Sutter-Dorsett and Horvat-Granlund.


Each collected more than 4 minutes on the penalty kill, however, no other forward saw PK time.  If you aren't careful they will run these four to the ground and will be outta gas by the new year.  They need a consistent third unit to relieve some of those minutes.  Virtanen got only 9 minutes, and Burmistrov got just above 9 mins (which confuses me considering Green said he would act as a rover for us, but hasn't seen PK minutes for the last few games) Disperse those minutes, not to mention that those were all 5 on 5 minutes.  Use them to ease the minutes of the four above, plus especially if you are going to use Sutter's line hard for matchups 5v5.


Sutter's line got almost 16 mins even strength.  


I've been hard on Green and Baumer on their ability to disperse minutes evenly to those who don't have a particular special teams role.  I believe all players in the lineup for a game should have some kind of special teams assignment beyond being good 5 on 5.


Successful teams have everyone contributing.  Not sure why they haven't found a role for Virtanen especially with his speed and size.


Adding Brendan Gaunce may seem minor to some, but he is going to be a HUGE addition to that penalty kill.  Adding another PK capable body and can toggle between wing and centre.  I expect Green will utilize Gaunce's versatility pretty quickly once he gets back up

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Damn... What a game. Nice to get the 1 point I guess. 


Lots of positives... This team is playing very strong. Quite a few injuries yet we still maintained dominance for longer than Dallas did. 


I really like the way Vanek plays... Had a brutal giveaway shorthanded that lead to a penalty but otherwise pretty solid. Glad Gagner got a bounce his way. 


Biega was one of our best dman... I'd even go as far as saying he was our best dman out there tonight. 


This team is a contender. 

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Good game. Dallas was good too, let's not act like it was complete highway robbery. Bishop was just on fire.


The Canucks had a lot of chances, but not a lot of great scoring chances. They just need to capitalize when they do get them.


Also I was at the game. It was the loudest game I've ever been to. Louder than the season opener against the Oilers. I don't know what happened, maybe the lower ticket prices helped.

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