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Vet Fwds In Lineup


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I don't agree with a random rotation.  


You play the guys who are going to help you win games.  If that means Eriksson or another vet ends up sitting in the press box EVERY game, then so be it.  Knowing this is your fate if you underperform allows for that "friendly reminder" for ALL players on the team - young or vet.

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16 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Waiting for Daniel to hit 1K. Hope it's soon.


After that, if healthy, here's hoping that TG rotates the 5(or so) vets, sitting 1 each game.








Sit them down, & explain the fans want to see the youth. Unless one of them goes offensive-apesh*t, they each take turns taking a seat.

side suggestion: if any youth fall off the map, throw their name on the list.


Yea or nay?

not going to happen

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What "kids" are going to replace all these vets?  Boucher?  Goldobin?


Vanek is the 5th best scorer on the team.  The Sedins appear to be picking up there game and the lesser minutes is working well for them.  Eriksson's defensive play takes the load off the pk and checking lines.  Gagner can play on any line, which gives Green a lot of choices in line matching.  Can't believe someone added Baer and Burmi in this conversation, who are the teams #2 and #5 scorers.


The Canucks are playing an exciting and competitive game right now, so there's no reason to change things up.

The Comets are also playing well and the young guys down there are getting big minutes every game.


Change will happen soon enough.  For now, I'm enjoying some good hockey and am happy that the Canucks finally have some decent depth. 




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