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(Proposal) What are the Chances...

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52 minutes ago, elvis15 said:

And I wouldn't pay McDavid money for Tavares as he's not at that same generational level, but with a free agent bidding war it could get high.


Kane on the other hand might be willing to go for a hometown discount. If not, and that turns into a bidding war as well then good luck to him wherever he lands. There's still too much personality/attitude risk with him to pay top UFA pricing, IMO.



my guess is somewhere between Horvat and Draistaitl money, prob. 7.5 per is what he'll get. 

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18 hours ago, NorthWestNuck said:

...That we could walk away with two of the top UFA's of 2018?


If the Sedins retire, and if we can move Eriksson and Edler at the TDL or the Draft, that would free up $28.25 million. Do you think there's anyway we could convince both Tavares and Kane to come here (Tavares for ~$10 mil, Kane for ~$7-8 mil) to form two thirds of an incredible top line? We have the youth to surround them with to fill out a complete lineup. 


Kane - Tavares - Boeser

Baer - Horvat - Virtanen

Granlund - Sutter - Dorsett

Gaunce - Burmistrov - Gagner


Del Zotto - Tanev

Hutton - Gudbranson

Pouliot - Stetcher





Hey, Dare to Dream.....right? right??


As tempting as it would be to throw a couple contract offers to current high caliber stars, our cupboards are becoming quite full of young, up and coming talent that should be ready three to four seasons from now. Both Kane and Tavares are going to be looking for max term contracts and that's one thing I would like to avoid.

Eriksson is, currently, injured and has, yet, to play to his six million dollar price tag and is, imo, an undesirable at this time. 

I say stay the course and give our youth time to develop with full intention of bringing them in when ready. Signing more vets to more long term contracts would not send a good message to our prospects.

With a little patience, we will reach former glories once again.

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I really think we need to dump most vets at TDL, buy out after this season eriksson and have more cap room, get a super star and bring up whom we have


Guddy needs to be signed or traded


for now we have to see exactly what we have for the team next year, so trade vets for only picks and bring players up to see what we got


then we can see what holes we have a sign a player, maybe two to fill our needs

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10 hours ago, Adarsh Sant said:

Don't both Eriksson and Edler have No Trade Clauses?


Yup and yup. Edler might be willing to move, doubtful though now that we are somewhat good again. Eriksson has a NMC this year, then 2 years of NTC, then a moddified NTC in 2020/21 (Submit 15 team no trade list).

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