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(Rumor) - Canucks interested in Evander Kane... Again


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To sum up the article trade offer for Kane from the Canucks was:


To Vancouver:

E. Kane


To Buffalo:

B. Hutton

N. Goldobin


Honestly, by the way that Hutton has been playing on and off this year, I wouldn't mind trading him as we have OJ coming up next year or the year after.

I kinda want to hold onto Goldobin as I believe he could excel if given the opportunity.



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6 minutes ago, BO_Scorvat said:

Why? I really hope this isn't true, we can just sign kane in June, although I am jumping on the trade Hutton bandwagon and I don't think Goldie is going to make it past 3rd line scoring winger 

I guess it depends on how confident we are that we can sign him in the summer. Getting him now allows us to land an extension without outside competition raising the value. 

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Everything has pointed towards Evander Kane would want to come home.


He is still invested in charities in Vancity, comes home every summer, and has already expressed wanting to play for Vancouver. Not to mention JB has reached out numerous times for Kane.


Yeah just wait til the summer to sign him.  Use Hutton and etc to upgrade our D.

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This doesn't make any sense at all.  Why would we trade a player who is doing really well in Utica and almost certain to be at least a 2nd line player in short order along with a stalled but still middle pairing defenseman for a guy we would have for free in the offseason?  Especially considering the drama that has a high chance of accompanying Kane.  No thanks.  If Kane REALLY wants to be here, he will let his contract run out and sign with us as a UFA.  And if he doesn't want to be here, then I have no problems with letting him go somewhere else or re-signing in Buffalo.

Also, we need to assess why we want Kane, or whether we really need him at all. He has good tenacity, but other than that, he's simply an underperforming but decent 2nd line player who has gotten off to a beautiful start during a contract year. At the end of the day, we have a bunch of guys who are likely to be middle six to top six players who will surpass his ability so we really don't need him from a talent perspective. Since we are currently relying on Dahlen and Pettersson to be our top line players, what we really need for our forward lines (if anything) is elite talent, and acquiring him doesn't get us there.  What it DOES do is make us lose a decent defenseman with potential and a likely 2nd to maybe even 1st line player in Goldobin... both of which could be used in a package to get the elite player we DO need.

So no, I am not on board with this.  If we wanted to pick him up as a UFA then fine as I'd love to have his physical style on this team, but I don't think giving up assets to make this happen works in our favour.

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this isn't a rumor, it's baseless speculation from a nobody. from the "article" you linked:


Mark Easson of MyNHLTradeRumors.com reported:

“The Canucks and Sabres talked a lot about Evander Kane. Ben Huttons’s name came up in those talks. Would Hutton and Nikolay Goldobin interest the Sabres?”


that's the extent of this whole thing. people need to learn how to do a little research and critical thinking. 


close thread please. 

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If Buffalo were to take this deal, we would be crazy not to take it.  Hutton has not been strong this year, and has been outplayed by Pouliott by a fair margin.  I like Goldobin a lot as a player, but he has to play in the top 6.  Where does he fit?  We are giving up 2 good, but replaceable pieces for a 30 goal power forward in his prime.  


I don't see any way that Kane makes it to July 1 as a free agent.  Buffalo will trade him this year for sure, and he likely re signs with that team.  Players like him do not hit the FA market often.  Like him or hate him, Kane would bring an element to this team that we have been missing since Bertuzzi was here.

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1 hour ago, Ossi Vaananen said:

Would love to throw in some cap to make this work. Give em Gagner!

Gagner Lou E an Hutton 

for Kane A D prospect with more upside than Hutton an a second round pick back to Van which would be upgraded to first round pick if Buffalo advances to Eastern finals.

my favourite topic last few years to brin Kane home ! I love it when a thread pops up an keeps his name in the mix.

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If Kane is the hot hockey player that some on here seem to think then why would Buffalo be willing to trade him?  If in fact he wants to come back to Van then Benning can look at him as a UFA. IMHO the length and cost of signing a contract would be a non starter. 

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