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[Trade] Panthers trade Reece Scarlett to Stars for Ludwig Bystrom

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3 minutes ago, Darius71 said:

theres hardly anywhere to go in vancouver now to do this!


Back in the 80s , well....

The Penthouse used to be pretty greasy, don't know if it's still around but as recently as 2000 it was furnished with cafeteria chairs and folding tables with very respectable people hitting the stage at the peak of their lives. Come to think of it, I don't know if I ever saw anyone smile in there. 

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10 hours ago, riffraff said:

Was just thinking......


what the hell is up with names today?


nobody named frank ever got beat up in school.


reese on the other hand?........



I know what you mean. There was a news story here in the UK a few weeks ago that caused national outcry:


No babies were named 'Nigel' in 2016.


There were Tyrions, Elvises, Winstons, but no Nigels. Gary is about to die too.

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