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Messier's Contract with the Canucks: A handwritten piece of hockey history

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Image 1: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DOSUVHsUMAAUeZ4.jpg

Image 2: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DOSUVHrVoAAEOg2.jpg

Image 3: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DOSUVHsV4AE9uXn.jpg


Located in the Monarch Business and Wealth Management offices. I would embed the pictures but they're huge.  EDIT: Not that big. They need to be seen to be believed.

The arrogance of Messier is unbelievable. He'd reside in Washington during 'home' games while the team payed $3000/month rent money toward a 3 bedroom apartment in Vancouver for some reason, requested a single room on the road (some captain he is), he got a post-career moving allowance (we pay to help him leave the city he doesn't live in?), and the Nucks gave him $3 million up front to invest into Orca Bay S&E and affiliated companies. The number of cross-outs and additions made in pencil/different coloured pen is also interesting. As the years passed by, did someone go back to the contract and update it with things that wouldn't happen?


And still the most atrocious thing on these is that the #11 was in his contract.


Image 1 MM.jpg

Image 2 MM.jpg

Image 3 MM.jpg

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What a little bitc* that Messier is. These conditions are as fat as his head. It includes things like $100K for winning the Conn Smythe / Hart / Ross. He was so far from that in his time here that they might have well made it $100M for those awards.

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Vancouver Canucks demands:


  1. Attempt to play defense and don't float around the ice
  2. Don't be a locker room cancer and get our core shipped out
  3. Attempt to stay in shape instead of demolishing entire cases of Lays.
  4. Don't disgrace an unofficially retired number
  5. At least attempt to resemble an NHLer on the ice.
  6. Don't sue the team when you fail to live up to a single one of these conditions


The NHL should be ashamed of itself for naming their leadership award after such a pitiful piece of garbage.


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