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(Proposal) sign Sean Durzi

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6 hours ago, morrissex95 said:

Because he's a man playing against boys.


Plus we already have Chatfield. 

Last June was his draft year I think.  He didn't get drafted but is the same year as Gajdovich and Lind.  His numbers are crazy and he is a right hand shot.  Chatfield was never close to that offense.  


Seems like a risk with taking.  We could use dmen who can score.  Darren Raddysh was a year older and his ppg was lower.  Obviously I haven't seen him play though. 

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51 minutes ago, N7Nucks said:

Can you sign him? Isn't he similar in age to Jonah? So he'd just enter this draft at 19? I don't really know how the draft works. Can 18 year olds that got passed over then sign a contract with a NHL team during their draft +1 year?

As long as a player is still eligible to be drafted they can't sign as a free agent.  It's normally after draft+2.  


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He's 19, still a kid essentially in his draft+1 year, not sure why the Islanders would let him go but they must be regretting it now. I'd sign him unless he goes back into the draft. Almost 2PPG as a defenceman is remarkable in the OHL from anyone. Right handed puck moving defenceman would fit into our future D core nicely.

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