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Julian Fantino opens a weed business


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For those who followed Stephen Harpers reign this one should be either really funny or maybe too much :lol:




I'll just post the first bit because I find a former Harper conservative relying on expert evidence and peoples experience, vs. all those conservative principles he wagged at us, to be really hilarious. 


Mr. Fantino, I'll ask you a blunt question: Have you tried marijuana?

No, I never have.

Why do you think that it's OK?

I suppose that I can rely very heavily on not only the experts ... but more compelling than that has been the stories of real-life experiences by people who have been suffering multiple different ailments and who have been helped greatly by medically ordered cannabis.


and not so long ago...


“There’s a lot of money in it,” Fantino said. “Big money.”


He said he was offered “to fall in with a company” that wanted to pay him very well to simply lend his name to it.

Not a chance. “I would never do it.”




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