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[PGT] Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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Lots of players didn't have a great night, but I was unimpressed with Guddy, he got walked easily and stopped skating at the blueline on one play, he barely skated back to try and recover.  Hutton wasn't that bad, Edler was ok.  Too bad the new powerplay look didn't have any success tonight.  Disappointing game all round.  

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Hmmm it gonna be a long season now especially referring to home game play .

Green has not been able to get his pp coach ignited. 

He got out coached tonight at home by expansion coach

the Sedins got way to much ice time especially second half of the game.

Poor Marky  has back to back bogeys opening up games.

vegus outworked the team made us look like the expansion team ! WTF 

no fan likes to see a lack of effort period.

good night guys recharge for next one

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9 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

“We didn’t get off to the start we wanted and chasing is hard, you run out of energy. We need some better starts. Our game plan was to get pucks at the net and we didn’t.” - Dorsett

Not to you, VC but to Dorsett.. it's more of a mental preparation than physical one.  A better start would be a different story and you'd still have a lot of energy.  No more soccer warm-up.  Take this privilege away and it took so much energy by focusing on the ball without touching on the ground.  That's a mental preparation taken away and by the time game starts, mental fatigue is real due to traditional pre-game routine.  I am not sure if the team still does that routine.

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6 minutes ago, canuck2288 said:

Fix the bloody ice in your rink Canucks!!!


seriously we have the worst ice in the league and it always costs us


how many times has the puck bounced over our sticks? 

The Knights were able to make nice passes. Not sure that's an excuse.


I think the problem is we don't have any D-men that can consistently make flat tape-to-tape passes.


Games like this are really showing why we need Tanev and Stecher. They're the best on the team at making first passes that start our entire transition game. We didn't have it tonight because nobody could hit each others stick on the fly.

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Just now, ChuckNORRIS4Cup said:

Late to the party Canucks now 1-3 with Edler and Eriksson back in the lineup!

Bench them both, simple saying to send a message and when they are back in line-up, they would be playing better.   I am reminded by Maurice Rocket Richard, he was taken out of the line-up despite being a good player and he then were angry and worked on his shots and became the greatest offense player at that time.  He wouldn't let this go with that scratch.

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1 minute ago, 1-d said:


Sorry, not piling on the way it happens with CDC.  I watched the game saw lots of mistakes all round but other than the second goal I didn't think Edler was so bad to warrant the reaction on CDC.  I'm more frustrated with the overall lack of effort throughout the lineup.  I know that the first game home after a road trip can sometimes be tough, maybe that's what happened?  Only saw a bit of urgency in the second period, then when they came back out it was back to lethargy all round.  

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