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[opinion/discussion] oilers should trade draisaitl


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6 hours ago, -AJ- said:

At this point, I'd honestly still be surprised if they don't make the playoffs. I'm expecting them to turn it around at some point.

Me too.  They just have so much talent, it's hard to see how they aren't scoring and feel they need scoring *help*. 

On the other hand, underachieving has been the hallmark of Edmonton for a few years now (minimum) and they have a pretty young group there.  Perhaps the expectations are really messing with their heads, but come on.... how long and how many prime draft picks do they need to do so.  I think their fans have a right to see decent hockey by now.

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PC is ruining the Oilers. 


Trades one of the top LW in the league for Larsson. Who is a good dman but look at the return Sakic got for Duchene. 


Trades Eberle for a huge underachiever in Strome to clear cap room. 


Trades a mid first rounder and early second rounder for another under achieve in GR and lose him in the expansion draft for nothing.  


Guess what that mid first rounder turned into? And how well that player is doing this year. 


Talk about bad asset management...

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