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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. New Jersey Devils

-Vintage Canuck-

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7 hours ago, Rocksterh8 said:

If tiny Biega is our best hitter, this team is softer than chicken butter

Not tiny.  Listed at 5'11" which I think is an exaggeration height wise but 200 lbs.  


I don't get this hockey preoccupation with height.  My background is rugby and I'll take a guy who is built like a fire plug any day over tall and skinny.  200 lbs on a 5-10 player has the leverage of 220 6-2 easily.   Tall has it's advantages but Bull Dog will put stretch on his keester.  It's all about the size of the fight in the bull dog.  

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11 hours ago, TheGuardian_ said:

I read them, he isn't injured now, but I was referring to past injuries and how he may still suffer pain or a reluctance to go through another operation and maybe lose his career.

He has enough speed and strength to still be effective without hammering everything in sight and if Hall needed an adjustment then it shouldn't necessarily come from a #6 overall pick. That is what the 7 guys drafted that year could/should take care of, I surely hope the Canucks didn't draft him because he could only hit, he was already dealing with an operation when they drafted him and must have remembered Stoyanov and Antoski, both guys with shoulder problems that shortened their careers.


He is a handful for dmen behind around the net, Horvat's success isn't measured by his lack of hitting and he is a brick s***thouse and could be leading by example.


It is coming to head though, Green had Jake all last year and still hasn't any confidence in him, it would be better for his career to be on another team, he has looked good enough that he could get a more than decent return.

His strength and speed was his main attributes when he was drafted + scoring a $&!# load of goal as well,  but he isn’t doing that now. A wonderful addition to this was his ability to make hits. 

Unless he plays to his strengt,  he is just another player from the bottle...

Other poster have suggested this could be because he’s told how to play to improve his defensive play...


Unfortunately we don’t have players, who seem capable or willing to nail anyone except JV. (Dors and Guddy are injured). 

Maybe I’m expecting too much from him, as he could potentially bring, what I think we’ve been missing here for a long time. Time will tell, but if his shoulder is an issue, he won’t become the player I was hoping for... or what I think Canucks were hoping for. 


Again, just to be clear, I like JV. 

I think playing with fast players would suit him more,

But damn I miss seeing him lay not just a hit, but a massive one. 

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