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Erik Karlsson (discussion)

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11 hours ago, WHL rocks said:

Pass on re signing Sedins. They're pretty much done. Time to move forward. 



Henrik takes some sort of role in mgmt and Daniel takes a role in player development or Utica. They both stay with team but playing wise they are pretty much done. 


And this team is nowhere near to competing for a Cup. Pettersson will take 3 years to develop until he's legit 1C. We could make playoffs but no legit Cup contenders that soon. We are a ways away yet. 

I think they have one more year in them. They are on a 0.5 PPG right now. That's a decent production for PP specialists getting about 12-13 minutes on EV.


The thing to consider here is that Pettersson may not be ready to make the team next season. If you are managing the team, you need to have enough buffers built so that you'd have to be extremely unlucky to have a failed season. I think Jim learned that and therefore, he will sign the Sedins for at least one more season to ensure that he has enough buffers. 


I mean, if Pettersson doesn't make the team next season and with Vanek becoming UFA, we have glaring holes that we need to fill next season if we do not re-sign Sedins. Unless we sign Tavares (but nearly 0% chance that happens).



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12 hours ago, WHL rocks said:

How the heck is it disrespectful to you if EK want's to get paid market value. That makes zero sense. It's his job, i'ts a business. You are living in a fantasy world dude. Do you still believe in Santa Claus?


Lots of players leave every year as UFA. This is part of the business. 


Are you suggesting no one will got to Leafs games and EK won't have any fans if he leaves OTT to sign with the Leafs? What exactly are you saying will happen if he signed as UFA on different team for lots of money?


I don't get how you are disrespected by a man who wants fair pay for his work on his next contract.  A man who's currently underpaid and has been for years. 


Players used to sit out and not play because they wanted to re negotiate their contract before they changed the CBA to stop that.  no one stopped going to games. 


If EK leaves to play for different team he'll have more fans because OTT is a small market team. 



u funny. Yah me and Santa are buds.


Saying he'll go where he gets the most money is disrespectful to his current fan base, particularly when he's still under contract for another year. 


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1 hour ago, luckylager said:

Why? Because I think drunk Santa is awesome and Christmas is the best?


It's drunk Santa, smokes, not anti-christmas jewish muslim satan.

Drunk santa is one thing but a Santa with a machine gun is just too many gun tragedies too soon

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Sens are looking pretty rough, if they continue to trend down they'll have to seriously consider moving him. They'd miss him for sure, but the assets they could bring in for a player of his caliber would be something else.


He's not looking great right now though.

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