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Botchford talks honouring Daniel Saturday, the Sedins, and media influence on players

Green Building

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1 hour ago, TheGuardian_ said:


Many teams have players that have achieved 1000 pts, few have two at the same time. 

There is 86 including them who have done this in the history of the league. I would say that is incredible.(special players)

So are you one of those crazy people who called them the sisters? Are you one of the nut jobs who call team 1040 and say nasty things about our players and management?


I see you were down voting my comments about their radio station. They create negativity about our hockey club. As a true fan we have the right to be honest among ourselves but to pick them apart in public is wrong. As in a family you should protect your own.

Maybe that is why Toronto fans are so loyal to their club.

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On 2017-12-02 at 1:19 AM, Green Building said:

I found the little tidbit about Eberle interesting, but not entirely surprising. Sometimes it's tough enough for a regular Joe to keep positive thoughts, let alone a player under a microscope of negativity in a hockey mad city. I'm sure the weight of that isn't easy to bear regardless of how much money you're making, or how much you desire to improve.


Does anyone agree with Botch that the Twins may have had a harder time trying to break into the league now than they did 17 years ago? 

Not a chance 


with the rules the way they are now, they would have flourished 

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