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Flames’ Tkachuk Spears Matt Martin


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In my opinion, when a player on the bench participates in on the altercation taking place on the ice whether he left the bench to do so (10 games suspension) or remained on the bench, that should be punished harshly. I would suspend him 5 games but the league will probably give him 1 or 2 games.


Glad we didn't pick him. The last thing we need is more hate from the rest of the league.


When you are good, other teams and their fans hate you as we all felt. But when you are good and have a player like Kesler and Burrows, they somehow find a way to justify that hate. And the refs and the league are harsh on you maybe because of this sentiment that we are the bad guys that need to be punished.


I think we are going to be good very soon and I don't want a player like Tkachuk on our team. We can be good and be respected with players like Boeser, Horvat, Pettersson, Juolevi, Demko, and etc.



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5 hours ago, oldnews said:

Yes, it's every bit as ignorant, if not moreso, to be sticking your finger in someone's face in the first place.  The rest is cause and effect.


which is why/when I lost a lot respect for this tool....


Image result for joe thornton finger sedin gif

Yeah I hated Thornton for that. But looking back, he was a superstar himself and he wouldn't have bothered to do this type of stuff to plugs. In some sense, that act itself is a respect towards the Sedins' ability to own him on the ice :) I mean, Thornton's line controls the play against any line in the NHL except when they are against the Sedins. Joe was probably desperate because he could barely touch the puck! That act is Joe's way of admitting that the Sedins are better than him so he is desperately trying everything he can to affect their play. It's what inferior plays do when they are up against superior players. I think he failed pretty miserably though because Sedins owned the Sharks for a while, especially in 2011 playoffs where they crushed the Sharks in 5 games.


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4 hours ago, Qwags said:

Imagine if he was a Canuck. It would be Burrows all over again, with none of the class and off-ice respect, and more of the reputation calls.

This. I am glad he's not standing on the Canucks bench spearing people...never was a fan of his and am so glad we took Juolevi instead.

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13 hours ago, Toni Zamboni said:

glad we dint pick him.



13 hours ago, DragonSlayer14 said:

The more I see this kind of BS from him, the more I feel better we didn't pick him up.


13 hours ago, TU90 said:

I always thought the "glad we didn't pick him up" line was kind of ridiculous.


However, this keeps happening.. What's wrong with the kids head? I'm actually glad he's not on this team.


13 hours ago, Hutton Wink said:

"Oh, you haters would love him if he were a Canuck..."

Yeah, is there no limit?  He's barely into his second year, and still shows no respect for other players or the game.

Though I too am glad to have OJ in our system I don't think the leaders on the Nucks locker room would tolerate this kind of behavior.  And maybe that's why Benning was so adamant on not doing a full on rebuild.  It's important the young players that come into this league have vets to account to, along with coaches and management.  In short, I don't think Tkachuk would be doing this crap had we draft him but it's moot. 

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4 hours ago, Hutton Wink said:

Based on?

Horvat on the 4th line, Jake with very controlled minutes,  sitting Tryamkin in a depth position (behind Larsen) 

this club has tight reins on it's rookie's.

Plus Sutter and the Sedin's as the veteran leadership in the dressing room.


and the microscope our team is under by NHL refereeing

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