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(GDT) philly @ van


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12 minutes ago, Yotes said:

I am hoping Granlund is giving a shot over Gagner, although it probably wont happen right away...

I think Granny is going to have to do a Sutter impression for the next few games.


Maybe we'll see a Gaunce-Granny-Loui line as our shut down line to try to make it through this?


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1 hour ago, aGENT said:

The boys are going to have to dig awfully deep to keep their heads above water for 6 weeks :unsure:


That likely is the hit that ensures we're sellers this TDL...Oh well.


1 hour ago, ReggieBush said:

6 Weeks?! Its time to put up or shut up. Granny, Gagner, take this and run with it. You can do this.


1 hour ago, mll said:

Green said that after the game and they wrote their article based on information available yesterday - Murphy is around the team and he's not using the Province as his source of information.

Thanks to @combover for doing the GDT.


Tonight will be a tough game for the Canucks. Not only does losing Bo create a big hole in the line-up, but everyone will be feeling down from a psychological point of view. But sometimes players rise to the occasion. Also, Philly should be tiring on their road trip and they are not a great team. They have won two in a row -- giving them two wins in their last 10 games. So I have the Canucks at about 50-50 for tonight.


As for the above comments, yes, being sellers at the deadline is looking a lot more likely now than it did a few days ago. While it is a huge disappointment to see Horvat go down for an extended period, having another great draft could be a silver lining. Another draft like last year could really put the Canucks on a great trajectory.


As ReggieBush says, it is time for Granlund and Gagner to raise their game. The Canucks do have some depth this year. It is not like relying on Chaput and Megna to carry the team. Gagner and Granlund are legitimate NHL players. Granlund started the season playing well in a shutdown role, and he continues to do well defensively. And he had a nice goal in the Toronto game. But with 5 points in 27 games he has not been scoring enough. He has pretty much gotten a pass from CDC so far this season, but I think he needs to show something now. Gagner has shown flashes on offence this season, but has not really lived up to expectations. So this is their opportunity.


As for Green's post-game comments, he knew very little at the time -- probably had not even seen a replay of the injury. And Bo would be the kind of guy to understate his injury. Team sources following the MRI, as reported by several reliable intermediaries (Murphy and others) are much more meaningful, as mll says. From the replay, the injury did not look good. It looked like an ankle or  knee. Obviously there are a lot of possibilities regarding specifics. Guess we will find out soon if surgery is needed.

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2 minutes ago, Yotes said:

how do you get it to post that way and not my stupid looking way? I hate technology!

when you copy it from tweety and then paste the link on here option comes up to "paste as plain text instead" so I just pick that and it seems to work. I don't have an account I usually just look up Rick on google.


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2 minutes ago, Nicklas Bo Hunter said:

Great with horvat out it will force JB to trade a D for a C. Here comes guddy for bozak. 

Gross pass for me. Run with what we got, still have depth Burmi plays, Gaunce can play C and we called up Chaput


we arent a contending team no need to panic, stay the course and see how we do. Sutter is back soon too

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2 minutes ago, Qwags said:

Now is Gaunce's chance to prove he is more than a 4th line centre.

Well he as been a 4W and looks to still be that, he is a bottom forward who tries hard but needs to be more physical and you know eventually score or get a point or 3

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