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[Report] Matthew Tkachuk suspended 1 game

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2 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Under the terms of the CBA and based on his average annual salary, Matthew Tkachuk will forfeit $11,280.49.


This is his third suspension in 103 career NHL games - clearly hasn't gotten the message.

Exactly why they need harsher suspensions.

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He won't learn anything from that.  It was a pretty minor poke, but with his history, and it coming from the bench, it should have been more.


Of course, it is debatable whether he could learn anything from any suspension.

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1 hour ago, Squamfan said:

non hitting league sticks again. Lol that was a soft spear. Him getting suspend for that Meier getting nothing mean the nhl is a joke and hates Canadian teams. Now you get a fine for squirting water bottles. absolute joke 

Fair enough but he did it from the bench.  Can't comment on Meier but as far as I'm concerned a spear from the bench comes pretty close to leaving the bench to fight someone and a 10 game suspension.

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