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Run Edler Out of Town: A Big Head's Take


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I don't think he's been the same since Buff smooshed him and layed him out for back surgery. That being said, his glory days was being paired with Erhoff.  

Big minutes seem to affect his play. When he plays well, everyone takes notice.


I realize he's not considered "old" yet, but we definitely need someone to carry the reigns. Edler is not the one. He's best when he's physical. Tone down his minutes and it'll happen, me thinks.

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I noted in the post game thread that the ice seemed really bad the last few home games. The ice seems really bad overall this season. Bad ice affects bigger, heavier players more than smaller light players, PSI on the ice.

He looked pretty good in some of the games in other arenas so maybe it is a Vancouver ice thing.


This won't be a bad thing for the Nucks as they are one of the smaller, lighter teams in the league.

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